Manufacturer: AutoCult

Scale: 1/43

Vehicle: Steyr XX Radio Reiss Graz 1929 sales car red

Limited Edition 333x

Item number: ATC08014

It is not difficult to imagine the unique red car in the social life of the 1950s. Countless events took place in Austria, be it motorsport events or the popular social celebrations. There was great human cohesion, company outings and private meetings with work colleagues were the order of the day and everyone enjoyed the time after the terrible hardships of World War II. In Graz, the dealer of radio, television and entertainment electronics at the time - `Radio Reiss`, based at Mariahilferstrasse 13 - attracted a lot of attention. The bright red car drove along at folk festivals, parades or other events and, in addition to background music through the large loudspeaker on the roof, also spread one or the other information or announcement. Certainly, the presence of the one-of-a-kind product is likely to have become anchored in people's heads, and many people remembered the car with the company logo on the roof when they bought a new electronic item. Then he did - quite unconsciously - his purchase from Radio Reiss!

The basic vehicle used was a Type XX manufactured by Steyr in 1929. As far as the experts of the scene agree. However, whoever was responsible for the professional body construction with the two glass showcase inserts on the sides was lost over the decades. It seems that Radio Reiss bought the car and only adapted it with the various attachments of the mighty loudspeaker and the lettering on the roof. One possible genre for which the converted Steyr XX once fulfilled its duty could have been the funeral industry.


Steyr XX sales car Radio Reiss Graz 1929 red AutoCult 1/43

SKU: ATC08014